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Adding Indoor Plants to your Bathroom Decor

Did you know keeping the right plants in your bathroom serves benefits? 🍃🍀

Why you should consider a indoor plant for bathrooms.

For starters adding small or hanging indoor plants such as Pothos, Philodendron plants, Snake plant, Orchids, Peace Lily, air plants, Lucky Bamboo, Aloe Vera, & Eucalyptus plants are great to start off. They add the perfect earthy touch of greenery & all assist with multiple benefits!🌿

1. They create better air quality purifying the air naturally 2. Helps naturally increase your vitality giving you the feeling of more energy 3. Improves mental health. Relieving anxiety & stress 4. Plants like Eucalyptus can help relieve nasal congestion & the inflammation related to sinus & bronchial infections. 5. Must have➡️Aloe Vera plant: The gel inside consist of healing properties gentle enough for all skin types. It's great to use for calming effects to use for cuts or burns & acne treatment reducing inflammation in the skin.

Next time you're looking to add a new piece to your bathroom decór consider a new plant!

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