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the back story of the founder Whitney suber 

"the Eikon"

what is it all about?


Whitney Suber is the CREATOR and CEO of, The Eikon;



Starting her passion for modeling in her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, at the age of 20, Whitney, transitioned to Atlanta Georgia in 2014. Suber has been spotlighted on Vogue Italia’s website, featured in Nairobi Professional, Ampro Gel, Sheen, and Elegant Magazine. While still continuing her professional modeling career, Whitney has always had a passion for home décor, leading to the start of

The Eikon.


Whitney initially, developed her unique logo to trademark and promote herself in the modeling/fashion world. 

The timeless red lips represent an expression of confidence. 

The Gap; luck and wisdom.


“For me, it symbolized who I am, who I will always be! Unique and confident about my smile and my features. So I said ‘Let this be MY mark to share with the world!’

“I want people to have something to relate to… I want people to embrace their flaws and every difference that makes them an individual. I want people to feel exclusive when they own my product! So I implemented all of who I am, with my creativity, my ideas….. into home decor and apparel brand.”

 ~ Whitney Suber



 “The goal for my brand The Eikon is to celebrate people who are proud to be different. Loving one’s imperfections while recognizing one's unique God-given talent/s.”

~ Whitney Suber


Whitney believes that her authenticity will prevail and allow The Eikon to flourish. She believes her lip logo is not only relatable to herself but to every individual! 


"I'm not the only one rocking a gap in between their two front teeth! My brand is timeless; allowing me to cater to a very large audience. I pray that one day my brand will change the way people who have gaps allow them to embrace their gap instead of hiding it."

~ Whitney Suber

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